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trained Vertaling Engels-Nederlands.
Vertalingen trained ENNL. 1 to prepare, be prepared, or prepare oneself, through instruction, practice, exercise etc, for a sport, job, profession etc: I was trained as a teacher. 2 to point or aim a gun, telescope etc in a particular direction: He trained the gun on/at the soldiers.
trained vertaling Engels-Nederlands.
I trained you trained he/she/it trained. ik richtte af jij richtte af hij/zij/het richtte af meer vervoegingen van africhten. to tame, to train ww. I trained you trained he/she/it trained. ik richtte af jij richtte af hij/zij/het richtte af meer vervoegingen van africhten.
trained Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
someone who is trained has been taught the skills and knowledge needed for a particular job or activity.: His father was a trained engineer. highly/specially/properly trained A team of specially trained auditors routinely examines all activities on site. trained staff / workers.
Best Trained Disciplined Horse's' YouTube.
Gepubliceerd op 2 mei 2017. Best Trained Disciplined Horse Best Video Ever. The Best Pets Animals Channel. Subscribe ViralBe for Daily Stuff: https// Max Pross Mean. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair" use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.
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Harry Leon Wilson. They carry sticks on which to rest the guns, and their horses are trained to stand still. The Trail Book. I trained for six months and then I went as a stop-gap to that office where you saw me.
trained Wiktionary.
trained comparative more trained, superlative most trained. Having undergone a course of training sometimes in combination. 1963, Margery Allingham, chapter 19, in The China Governess 1: As soon as Julia returned with a constable, Timothy, who was on the point of exhaustion, prepared to give over to him gratefully.
Urban Dictionary: trained.
The process in which an individual in particular you hoes out there is hand fed a number of different trouser snakes in succession! That slut got trained by me and five of my closest homies and she loved every minute of it biyatch.
trained Nederlandse vertaling Engels-Nederlands woordenboek.
This Nigerian student studied in London, trained in Yemen, boarded a flight in Amsterdam to attack America. expand_more Deze Nigeriaanse student studeerde in Londen, trainde in Jemen, ging in Amsterdam aan boord van een vliegtuig om Amerika aan te vallen.
trained English-Spanish Dictionary
Collocations: trained personnel, staff, workers, technicians, operators, soldiers, athletes, boasts, has the best trained personnel, a trained team, group, bunch of, more. Forum discussions with the words trained" in the title.: a trained healthcare professional medical. Accurate numbers of all trained.

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